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Services Description
Architecture Roadmap Develop a strategy and set of tactical goals for migrating towards component-based development practices. Survey existing goals, systems, plans, and processes and map them to a future state architecture. The deliverables can include a Strategic Solution document, Technology Trade Studies, pilot/prototype project recommendations, High Level Architecture specifications, and Technical Architecture specifications.
Project Framing and Use Case Analysis Determine organizational and system boundaries of a project. This is the first phase in an iterative, component-based development project. In this business oriented analysis, ASEG works with our client to first examine and document the business processes to be supported by a new solution. This step captures the scope of the effort. Next, we identify the key use cases with the client and map them to the high level business process diagram. ASEG provides the results of these activities in a written report for review and approval by the client.
Development and Deployment Provide a complete solution. The ASEG team will follow an iterative, component-based methodology that starts with gathering project constraints and development of a project plan. The project plan is a tailored application of tasks within the phases: inception, elaboration, construction, and transition. The development methodology emphasizes frequent, tangible results, based on agreed upon business requirements (i.e. use cases).
On-site Mentoring and Training Provide focused "know-how" transfer and mentoring on the use of new technologies. This task can involve custom stand up training classes and "technology transfer" from ASEG mentors to our client's staff (primarily architects and lead developers) on a development project. The primary benefit to you is 'on-the-job- training' on the use of new techniques and technologies such as SAN, CBD, CORBA, J2EE, and .NET.


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