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ASEG's "Vendor Tracking System" product

Vtracs system: A customizable multi-vendor, single point of contact, easy to use tracking system that allows you to monitor high performance critical programs. Vtracs will help you reduce project delays, vendor error, incompatibility, software integration errors, and improve administrative performance. ASEG Inc. is proud to announce Vtracs a "Vendor Tracking System" that will help your team manage through these difficult problematic issues. Vtracs will support your program administration by providing sustained information critical to coordinating the problem report lifecycle.

Our system offers the flexibility to select and highlight the critical factors important to you and your program staff. You may select an escalation path of importance by hour, severity, and task. Once you establish a case a ticket is opened and you will be notified based on your requirements previously set. Vtracs provides the applications software required for ease of operation, human intervention for problem solving and controlled communications to your sub-contractors and vendors.

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