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Our clients are looking for partners that reduce the risks associated with implementing mission critical enterprise applications.
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A customizable multi-vendor, single point of contact, easy to use tracking system that allows you to monitor high performance critical programs. Vtracs will help you reduce project delays, vendor error, incompatibility, software integration errors, and improve administrative performance. ASEG Inc. is proud to announce Vtracs a "Vendor Tracking System" that will help your team manage through these difficult problematic issues. Vtracs will support your program administration by providing sustained information critical to coordinating the problem report lifecycle.>>Learn More

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VT100104 Vtracs RTU License Package  License for using Vtracs in support of a single program. Deliverables include media, documentation, 2 days consulting for installation and configuration. Maintenance updates, bug fixes and email/web support for 1 yr included in package
VT100204 Vtracs/SPOC Package Vtracs RTU License Package 1 yr FTE single point of contact support (SPOC) person. The Single Point of Contact coordinates the problem report lifecycle from root cause analysis though resolution related to Storage Area Network hardware and software. SPOC can work onsite or at ASEG facilities Daily, Weekly, monthly reporting on ticket activity
VT100304 Hosted Vtracs Package VT100204 Package
Vtracs Hosting service
Service Level Agreement
VT100404 VTRACS Maintenance and Support Software updates and bug fixes for 1 yr
Access to web/email support
VTRACS note:    Engineering under the T&M may be available for custom reports, make GUI changes, integrate Vtracs with internal program systems, etc

ASEG's  experts know that demanding applications require that the hardware infrastructures are running as fast as possible.  High Performance Disk access is often viewed as the weakest link.  Disk latency is several orders of magnitude slower than that of system memory.  >> Learn More

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SA100104 SAN Specification Drawing upon consistent and repeatable best-practices, a Senior SAN Specialist will work with your program team to assess the capacity, performance, application I/O characteristics, availability requirements, another technical drivers governing your program's Storage Area Networking needs. A report capturing these technical drivers will be produced. After review with the program team, a high level SAN specification will be produced. This product is targeted to systems that require up to 10 terabytes of on-line storage.

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